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If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. The Modern General Store doesn't just serve coffee and yummy baked goods...... We offer floral, apothecary, speciality grocery , and homestead items as well.  We need a warm, friendly out-going person who will mingle with our clients, offer demos and create awareness of our offerings, including speciality events and catering. 



Smiles and eye contact are mandatory with this position. You are not just an order taker, you are the first person a client will speak with when they walk into the store, so you are our first impression. A positive experience starts here. We need someone with attention to detail, a genuine smile and amazing communication skills. Our clients may have came in with delicious coffee, tea or food in mind but they should leave knowing about our upcoming events and an extra item or two in their bag from one of our special offerings.

Barista Artist


Our clients may rave about you on social media because of your ROCK STAR ability to make waiting in line for their beverage a warm experience. They will leave with  a smile on their face and their taste buds dancing with joy because of your experience making speciality beverages. If this sounds like something you can make happen and you have Serving it Right, what are you waiting for? We want to me you!

Retail - Front of House


During the holiday season, we get busy, REALLY BUSY.  We need someone who is GREAT with people and can engage with our clients, help them choose the right platter, pie or cake, find that gift or card for that special someone, or help process gift cards.  If you can work in a fast paced environment and shift gears quickly while paying attention to detail (we may need you to switch hats halfway through your shift and become a cashier or help wrap flowers, platters and more!) - then we need you....and you should apply.



Every Friday, we have Foodie Fridays, along with a packed private event calendar and a catering business waiting to expand...But we cannot do this without more, qualified staff. You must be able to work evenings and weekends and commit to a work schedule one month in advance. We are looking for polished people with AMAZING people skills. Our brand is not just our delicious food and beverage experience...its our people too.  If you can provide legendary customer service,  personally connect with and laugh and uplift the ambience of our events, let's chat!

Food Prep


Are you an aspiring chef or just love being in the kitchen? This very important role requires someone who can assist our chef  and prepare cooking ingredients by washing and chopping vegetables, cutting meat etc.  You will be expected to perform basic cooking duties such as reducing sauces, and  preparing simple dishes such as salads and panini.  Maintaining a clean and orderly kitchen by washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces, taking out trash etc. are also key functions of this role. If this is you, our kitchen has a spot for you.